Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Think You Can't Afford The Good Life?... Think Again!

(704) 633-1111
514 Watkins Street, Rockwell, NC 28138

The Basics:

The most basic thing is what you see when you drive up. Prepare to be blown away. If you judge this book by its cover you will end up spending up to $50,000 more than you should. It's been completely renovated. Trust me, you want to see the inside of this house. Here are the general stats, but a full blown description (with pictures follows.)

Price: $145,900.00 Just Reduced!
# Bedrooms: 3
# Bathrooms: 2
Approx Lot Size: Over .3 acres
Approx Year Built: 1965
Completely Renovated: 2006
Schools: Rockwell / Erwin / East
Approximate Annual Property Tax: $ 700.00 (Tax rates are subject to change from year to year.)

This home is located in Rockwell, NC. It is less than 5 minutes from a grocery store and restaurants. Rockwell is currently experiencing a bit of a Renaissance. Lots of new businesses are opening and the town is growing in a good way. The home is within 20 minutes of I-85 (either in Salisbury or in China Grove,) Highway 52 runs through town, and it is less than 15 minutes' drive to Pfeiffer University and Highway 49. Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston Salem are about an hour away. You can reach Raleigh in about 2 hours, Wilmington is about 4 hours away, and Boone is less than 3 hours away.

This home sits towards the back of a lot that is a little over three tenths of an acre. The Heglars have done some really great work fixing up this home. There is a lot to see, so why don't we go ahead and take a look.

The first thing that you will notice as you come to the front door is the custom stamped concrete walkway and stoop. The home has also had a professionally designed landscape makeover.

As you look out from the front stoop you will notice that the front yard is spacious and private.

There's lots of shade too!

The simple truth about this house is that from the outside it looks like a plain-Jane ranch, but how many times have you found that real beauty and real character didn't always look glamorous on the outside?

I promise you, if you quit now (and this is the worst possible picture I could take of this home) you will miss out on a real keeper!

Now, I could go and show you a picture of the end of the house, but what would I be showing you? Instead why don't we go on around to the back of the house?

Here is the view from the back deck. When you come to tour this home you will be able to see a neighbor's home just to the left of the edge of this picture - way on the other side of the field. Every time I go out on this deck I expect to see deer or turkeys back in this little cove.

As I mentioned earlier, this home sits pretty far back on the lot. The property line runs just on the other side of the bush that you can see in the picture.

Still, it is quiet and secluded back here on the deck. It would be a great place to sit and watch the stars and listen to the sounds of the night before turning in. It would also make a great place to entertain friends and family.

Next to the parking area you'll find a large, sturdy storage building. Plenty of room for yard equipment and all the other stuff that always seems to accumulate.

So that's about it for the outside of the house. Let's go back to the front door and head in.

The first thing that you notice when you come in the front door is the kitchen. The floor plan is very open. I'll show you more of the kitchen later.

Let's take a look at the great room first. Some fairly extensive renovations went into the great room.

Originally there was a wall across the area where you can see the kitchen now.

There had been a fourth bedroom in the corner from where this picture was taken. The Heglars decided that they would get rid of one of the small bedrooms, enlarge the other and open up the great room to make it more suitable for entertaining.

The prior configuration would have made having a large dining area almost impossible.

The floors are solid 3/4" maple and are brand new.

Now, for the kitchen!

I'm a cook, so I always get excited about the kitchen - especially when it is as well done as this one has been.

The kitchen was completely redone, so there is a lot to point out here.

First of all, you will notice the stone tile floors. That was the first improve- ment made.

Then brand new custom cabinets were installed.

Then granite counter tops and a custom granite back splash were installed.

Add to that a new sink, new lighting, and new fixtures...

And throw in quality brand-new stainless steel appliances (including a side by side refrigerator with ice and water dispenser!)

Just off the kitchen you will find the breakfast room.


This room gets great natural light throughout the day. In the morning it is bright and cheery. What a great place to have your morning coffee and breakfast. I really like this room.


I think the thing that I like most about this room is its possibilities. It has TONS of decorating and functional potential. Can't see it? Ask the Heglars to introduce you to my sister. She's an EXCELLENT interior designer!

The thing that gets me about this house is that there isn't a single room that I don't like. NOT ONE! Take for instance the pantry here. There is tons of room, custom cabinets, stone floors and plenty of room for additional shelving if you should so desire it. There are even granite counter tops in here! This is nuts!

I sold real estate for 4 years and eventually every house becomes X number of bedrooms and X number of bathrooms with maybe one stand out feature. This house is so not like that. Here is a picture of the laundry room - once again with custom cabinets for storage and a stone folding table. What more do you want?

Here is the first bedroom. As I mentioned earlier, this room was enlarged in the renovation of the great room. It is a good sized room. What can you say about a bedroom? It doesn't get interesting until the stuff gets added!

One thing about all of the Heglars' projects is that they try to go the extra mile. They try to give people something that is as nice as it can be for the money. That is kind of hard to find.

Now we are at what is probably my favorite room in the whole house - and that is saying a lot, because there is a lot to like. I know you won't believe me, but my favorite room in this house....

Is the hall bathroom.

This suite of rooms gets the prize for "Most Dramatic Trans- formation."

You can't really tell it from the picture, but this is really a bathroom suite.

As you enter from the hall you will pass the spacious room where the toilet and a nice linen closet reside.

As you pass the throne room, you enter the main bath where you will find a cultured marble whirlpool tub and a double vanity with cultured marble counter tops.

-->All that is plenty nice, but my favorite part and what I think is the most innovative renovation done was with the shower.

Seeing the finished product, it is hard to comprehend just how poorly this bathroom was laid out when the work began.

I have to do a follow up post to show you the before pictures sometime.

If you look at the picture above, try to imagine the toilet where the current entrance to the shower is, and the shower entrance forced you to try to step around the toilet when you were exiting the shower. It was a dungeon.

Now with a vestibule, a custom tile job, a genuine marble threshold, a built in seat, built in shelves, and a heater it is one of the most inviting showers I have ever seen. The pictures just do not do this bathroom justice. You HAVE to see it.

Here is the second bedroom. It is a pretty large room and it gets good sunlight most of the day.

The main thing that they changed here was to move the closet from the back right corner of the room to the front right corner.

This small change made a world of difference in the flow of the room. It made it much more inviting and interesting.

On to the master bedroom...

The master bedroom, not surprisingly, is the largest bedroom in the home. It gets lots of afternoon sunlight.

To the right in this picture you see the door to the room. Well, behind that is the master closet. It is a galley-style walk in closet. Unfortunately it just wouldn't photograph well, or I would have included a picture here for your benefit.

This is my second favorite room in the house. I don't know what it is about bathrooms! I'm not usually so impressed, but I guess these were just so well done for the space that is available.

I really love the stone tiles that were used in the shower. It gives it a real Mediterranean feel. The stone accessories are nice too. But with that rain shower head plus the additional shower head, I doubt that you would be able to get me out of there in the morning!

The Heglars have thrown in a shower rod and curtain hangars(not shown in the pictures), but I'd sure hate to cover up that pretty shower. If it were me, I'd try to find out how much Bruce would charge to install a glass enclosure. It would definitely cost extra, but it would be worth it.

Alas, we are at the last two pictures in our tour!

They got really creative with this one. Here we have a free standing vanity with a glass vessel sink. Tres chic!

Here is a detail of the faucet and basin.

Well, that about does it. This home can be had for the ridiculously low price of $145,900.00. I double dog dare you to find a comparable property for the same money. You just won't be able to do it.

Feel free to contact Kay by phone at (704)633-1111 if you are interested in touring this property.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

East Rowan Farm For Sale

(704) 633-1111

5085 Fishpond Road, Salisbury, NC.

The basics:

Price: $268,900.00
# Bedrooms: 4
# Bathrooms: 2
Barns/Outbuildings: 3+
Fireplaces: 2
Basement?: Yes
Approx Lot Size: Over 3 acres
Approx Year Built: 1959
Major Renovations: 2007
Schools: Granite Quarry / Erwin / East
Approximate Annual Property Tax: $ 1225.00 (Tax rates are subject to change from year to year.)

This country estate offers country living without having to live in the middle of nowhere.

Less than 10 minutes' drive to Salisbury and within an hour's drive of Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Hickory, High Point, or Asheboro. Raleigh is only about 2 hours away and Wilmington is about 4 hours away.

Located outside city and town limits, you'll have no city taxes to pay. The neighbors are comfortably distant, and the road isn't very busy. As you can see, the house has a full unfinished basement. Perhaps you are wondering just how unfinished? The walls are cinder block and the floors are bare concrete. There is no ceiling, just the floor joists for the upstairs. There is about 8 feet of clearance. The possibilities for this space are really endless.

The farm is also located in the desirable East Rowan school district. Elementary School-aged kids would go to Granite Quarry Elementary School. Middle School kids would go to C. C. Erwin Middle School. And High School students will go to East Rowan High School, who just happens to be 4-1 so far this football season!

Considerable renovations have been made to the property. These renovations include:

- a new electrical service and panel box
- new stone floor in great room
- new tilt-in energy efficient windows
- new heating, air conditioning, and ductwork
- new hot water heater
- refinished hardwood floors
- new lighting fixtures

Additional amenities will be pointed out in the other pictures.

New garage doors have been installed in the basement. The two installed on this end have automatic garage door openers. Also notice the office to the left of the garage doors. The retaining walls were all stabilized, repaired, and stuccoed. You should have seen them before!

Now we get to my favorite part - the barns. Both are pretty big, but the first one is in the better shape. There is room here for tractors and farm equipment in abundance. There is a lean-to shed on the front. In the back is another huge area - I believe that it would be big enough for an RV. (Of course you'll have to check that for yourself.)

Here's another view of the barn. There are a couple of smaller sheds off of the back of this barn that could be used, but they aren't in the best shape.

This barn is massive. If you were to run an electrical service out here there is no end to the kinds of things you could use this space for. The roof does need a little attention - really just a patch job if you wanted to use it for something like a wood shop. You really just have to see it to get a feel. Also, tucked underneath is a stable that opens out to the partially fenced pasture.

A pasture, I might add, that has a creek running through. (No pictures of that right now - I'll try to get them soon!) There are a little over 3 acres of land here and the good news for anyone buying it is that it was surveyed just after the Heglars bought the property.

Now, on to the last stop of our tour of the sites on the outside of this awesome farm.

This is a wired outbuilding with a two car garage. This building has tons of potential for many different uses. It would require a good bit of work and renovation (it was used as a barn by the previous owners), but this could easily become an in-law suite, an apartment, a workshop, a canning kitchen, or an office.

Now, on to the inside of the house!

We'll start in the great room - as in great big! As I mentioned earlier, new stone floor tile was installed in this room. There is also a masonry fireplace with a mantel and a fireplace insert. This room is big enough to hold a large family gathering (well over 12 people.) There is plenty of room for big dining room furniture: a big table and china cabinet and side boards!

The kitchen has been completely renovated. As you can see in this photograph, there are new custom cabinets. There is also a new sink and fixtures. An island faces the great room so that you can still interact with your guests while you are finishing preparations for entertaining.

There is even a $2,000 appliance allowance for folks bringing full price offers. The kitchen also has a stone tile back splash.

But my favorite part of the kitchen is the counter tops.

There will never ever ever be another set of counter tops exactly like these. They are completely one-of- a-kind. They are stronger than granite and can stand up to some of the most corrosive stuff you ever imagined.

Here is our first picture of the living room. This room is very large as well with plenty of room for large furniture or one of those 55" TV screens! The hardwood floors have been refinished and look great. It is also semi open to the great room. There is a knotty-pine (actually, it might be maple - but regardless it is that old-style paneling) coat closet in this room too.

A large bank of windows supply good natural light and great views from this hilltop estate. Old knotty pine (or maple) paneling adds character and warmth to this room. Behind the western wall is a closed off masonry chimney that could be used to tie in a wood stove or vented gas logs.

Just off of the living room is the spacious master bedroom.One of the best things about this house is that the rooms are all very spacious. When it comes to space, the master bedroom has plenty.

You should have no trouble fitting a California King-sized bed in this room. Freshly refinished hardwood floors also grace this room.

The master bedroom also has a walk in closet. You won't get lost in it, but you should be able to get a good bit of stuff in there.

The master bath isn't as palatial as most you see today (hey, it was built in the '50s!), but it is plenty cozy. With the custom tile walls, tile floors, and new fixtures you won't mind so much.

There isn't a mirror in here just yet, but one is coming. If you hurry up and put in an offer you may get to help pick it out!

The bathtub, as far as we can tell, is original to the house.

The hall bathroom is a bit more spacious. It also has new custom tile and new fixtures. Once again, the tub is original. There are lots of cupboards for storage in the bathroom. And though a mirror isn't in here yet, just like the master bathroom, one will be here soon.

The back bedroom is spacious with a good sized cedar lined closet.

This room also has newly refinished hardwood floors.

The hallway outside the bedroom is hardwood and there is a pull-down attic access outside of the bathroom.

There is also a good-sized hall closet.

The middle bedroom is the smallest, but is still a pretty good size. I think its smallness is more a result of comparison with the largeness of the other rooms. It, like the others, has hardwood floors. It also has a cedar-lined closet.

Finally, we come to my favorite room: the front bedroom.

The only thing is - I woudln't use it as a bedroom if it were me. This would be my office / study / library. I can just see a large heirloom quality desk set up so that I can look out the front windows and think. I'd have bookcases around the walls loaded with books and a couple of wingback chairs. But that is me! You can use it anyway you want!

You can see from the picture that there is a door that goes out to the front porch. There is also a masonry fireplace with custom stone veneers that already has the plumbing for gas logs. The closet was added in this renovation, so, unfortunately, it isn't cedar lined. The floors are the original hardwoods.

Well that about does it. You have seen most of what there is to see - at least the things that would photograph well. And you can get all of this for the low price of only $268,900.00.

Feel free to contact Kay by phone at (704)633-1111 if you are interested in touring this property.